Dinarsoft Memmaid 2.1 ผู้ช่วยจัดการ memory PDA
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 เจอปัญหา Memory Full เวลาใช้ iGo เลยต้องหาผู้ช่วยสักหน่อยแล้ว ค้นไปค้นมาก็เจอเจ้าโปรแกรมนี้ ลองใช้แล้วดีมากเลย เอามาแนะนำกัน ใครสนใจก็คลิ๊กที่รูปข้างล่างเลย

What is MemMaid?

MemMaid is a tool that scans and detects all the files and registry entries that consume your memory and removes them leaving your Pocket PC’s memory clean like never before. The only tool you will ever need to clean and manage your Pocket PC’s memory.

Why get MemMaid?
Increase your security and protect your privacy
Wipe files not just delete them; Delete cookies, browser history, phone log, etc.Enhance the performance of your device
Close unwanted programs, clean the notification queue, etc.

Take more control of your device
Decide what to run at the startup, check the notification queue, etc.

Increase the available memory
Delete unwanted temp files, bad uninstall files, browser cache

MemMaid incorporates several features into an intuitive and easy to navigate user interface with hi-resolution icons for VGA devices and Portrait/Landscape/Square screen supportFeatures include:

  • UPDATED! Cleaner (Quick and Advanced) – 29 cleaner items and growing.
  • Cleaning scheduler
  • RAM Reclaim
  • Notification queue management
  • Performance/Memory tweaks with automatic optimization
  • Full featured registry editor
  • Advanced uninstaller
  • Storage cards utilities (Format, Scan,…)
  • CAB installer
  • Database manager
  • File Extension association
  • Startup programs
  • Startup services
  • Today-plug ins
  • DLL storage optimization
  • Running applications
  • Running processes
  • CPU Usage
  • Storage management
  • File finder
  • Device information
  • Device and memory cards information
  • NEW! Multi-lingual support (German, French, and Chinese Simplified) – more are coming soon.

And much much more.


ดูตัวอย่าง Screenshots ของโปรแกรมได้ที่
Update: Memmaid 2.0 คู่แท้จัดการเมมโมรี่

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